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Bad Squiddo Games is a small miniatures company operating out of the UK and run entirely by Annie Norman. The theme of the company and the miniatures is “Believable female miniatures.” And it’s very true, the miniatures all have practical clothing for whatever they are specifically doing. There are female miniatures types that have previously not existed or had very few minis on the market, spanning different genres and time periods. They’re suitable for RPG gaming or wargaming. However, the most important thing about these miniatures is that they offer all this and excellent quality. Some are just pure power and impressiveness. Others have a singular humor about them that also make them impressive and may even go full circle back into badass. I don’t know if using “badass” in a review is professional, but it’s a fact.  Yet, the sculpts and the casts are all very well done.

A Kickstarter for Amazons and Dwarves recently demonstrates these very qualities. These are just wonderfully imaginative sculpts full of personality and cool details. Also, on offer are some charmingly funny “Peegasi”, that is winged guinea pigs. Why would someone want winged guinea pigs? Personally, I can’t think of why someone wouldn’t want winged guinea pigs and as a Dungeon Master, I can’t wait to surprise my players with them. It’s this sort of humor that reminds me that miniatures and gaming with them should be and is fun.

A tiny Shogun cat

A tiny Shogun cat, that was still fun to paint for this beginner from the Bad Squiddo Games Feudal Japan line

They’re also fun to paint. The miniatures take paint well after priming and all the details are very clear from the start. They do need to be put on bases most of the time, but I appreciate how little to no cleaning up and filing that has to be done. They seem to come out of the casting process nearly perfect.  If someone would rather not paint them and still play with them, they also look good with just an ink wash to bring out the depth and details. The shipping time, even to the US from the UK is fast and inexpensive. Annie really knows what she’s doing and customer service is top notch. I’m very much a fan of these miniatures and they’re a very welcome addition to this beginner’s small collection.



A marvelous duel wielding Amazon

A marvelous duel wielding Amazon from the Bad Squiddo Ancients line


A dynamic, well detailed miniature, unpainted

A dynamic, well detailed miniature, unpainted, from Bad Squiddo Games Feudal Japan line

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