Headband of Continual Light
Headband of Continual Light by Brion Bearclaw Woods Illustration by Brion Bearclaw Woods

Act now and get this Headband of Continual Light wherever fine artificers are found

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Brion Bearclaw Woods has illustrated a concept for a mundane magical item (can that be a thing?) that any dungeon delver or dwarven miner can take advantage of. The Headband of Continual Light is a cheeky exploitation of that fine 1st edition AD&D spell, continual light.

As far as I know, there’s no officially sanctioned 5th edition spell that will achieve the same results, and I can’t speak to the myriad of fantasy role-playing games that may or may not support this idea, but if you’re a GM and want to introduce it, it’s your campaign, after all. If you’re a player and want to ask your referee for a chance to fabricate a similar item, as the saying goes, “you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Surely there must be a skilled gnome artificer somewhere who’s ready to craft a fine steel oculus for a purpose like this.

In Brion’s own words:

In a world where mages can toss Fireballs there is no excuse for an adventuring party to screw up their various abilities to see in the dark with torches (not to mention using up oxygen and producing smoke that alerts all dungeon denizens of their presence) and requires them to hold the torch in hand.

Have a jeweler polish a semi translucent spheroid pearl, have a mage cast Continual Light on it, and place it inside one of these headbands made by a dwarven artisan. Keep your light hands free and directed where you want the light to go. Focus the beam as a pinpoint spotlight or open it wide as a flood.

Enemies who rely on darkvision will be blinded by this tactic, as the light will be focused on them during combat! The Oculus can also be mounted to a helm!

 Have you ever created something like this in your own game? What other mundane uses for magical spells have you found when it comes to designing your own unique items?
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