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How many games can you fit in your bag?

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I can’t go to a game night without bringing several board games. Even if I’m not the organizer, and no one’s asked me to bring a game, there’s always that little voice that says “you should probably toss Guillotine or Clash of Steel in there just in case people need something to play while they’re waiting around.” If it actually is my game night, all bets are off. I’ll spend more time choosing games than I spend choosing an outfit for a night out.

Are there going to be some people I don’t know showing up? Better bring Codenames just in case they want a party game. But wait, I think my friend Dave is coming, and I can count on him to play a head-to-head of Blood Bowl or Twilight Struggle, if we can split off. Oh, but I’m always trying to get enough people for a really good game of The Great Space Race. I wonder if I could talk everyone into some Car Wars? Hey, speaking of Steve Jackson, I should bring Illuminati, you never know! I mean, if I’m bringing card games, I might as well bring Munchkin, that’s always good for a laugh. But last time we played, everyone really loved Road Kill Rally. I’ll just toss that in to be safe. Oh man, what if there are any Terry Pratchett fans tonight? I’d be so bummed if I didn’t have Discworld: Anhk-Morpork! What about a wargame…?

Luckily, these days I live in a town where I can keep a car, so my go-to move is to grab the largest tote bags I’ve got (thanks, Victory Point cafe!) and toss them all in the back seat. Still, it’s awkward carrying two giant totes, not the most organized thing in the world, and they’re always in danger of falling over in the back seat. Never mind what it was like when I lived in New York City, and took the subway everywhere. has solved the problem with their massive Board Game Bag. It’s a backpack built specifically for gamers.

Board Game Bag front and back

The bag arrives flat-packed, and it flattens out to an impressively compact size. Once it’s opened up and ready to fill with games, the Board Game Bag can fit a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Yes, it’s capacious, but I assumed it would be good only for the relatively square boxes that are popular with many modern games. Naturally the first thing I wanted to do was throw some longboxes at it.  Blood Bowl and Dropzone Commander are two that I have trouble carrying in a tote bag, but it turns out that all you need to do is arrange them lengthwise in the bag, and they fit with lots of room to spare. Even HeroQuest managed to fit.

Board Game Bag horizontally arranged

Of course, once you’re carrying the bag as a backpack, this means the boxes will be sitting sideways, so you’ll want to invest a few bucks in some box bands to hold your games securely closed if you’re carrying them this way.

There was only one box that turned out to be too large for the Board Game Bag, and that was TSR’s 1991 game A Line in the Sand. It stretched the bag just a bit too far, and the zipper wouldn’t easily close around it.

Still, that box is unusually long, and even has trouble fitting on the shelf, much less in a bag. At nearly two feet long by one foot wide, A Line in the Sand is something of a beast. There are a few boxes out there larger than this, like the massive Designer’s Edition of Steve Jackson’s Ogre (26″ x 21″ x 8″), or Fantasy Flight’s Runewars which is about an inch longer than A Line in the Sand, but those sizes are few and far between, and this bag is more than large enough already.

In fact, the only remaining question, once we’d tried stuffing all shapes and sizes of games inside, would be how it was to actually wear. Turns out, surprisingly easy to manage. Yes, you’re carrying a pack that makes you look a bit like Terry Gilliam in Monty Python and the Holy Grail…

Patsy cosplay by shigatsu_cosplay

Cosplay by April Savage (@shigatsu_cosplay on Instagram) Image used with permission.


…but you’re carrying a whole weekend’s worth of games safely and securely. Our intrepid tester, Hanae, was comfortably able to walk around the block with a full pack.

Hanae wearing the Board Game Bag

And of course, the Board Game Bag holds the more common sizes of modern games and bookshelf games easily, allowing you to carry far more than you’ll possibly be able to play in one night—and isn’t that what we all want to do?

Board Game Bag - standard orientation

The Board Game Bag is available from at a retail price of $34.00.

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