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A Peek at Sam Zhao’s Deck/Dice Box

Written by Alan Whipple

Sam Zhao’s deck/dice box is for storing cards and/or dice; designed for any of the many collectible card games out there, the box measures 3″ X 3 1/2″ with a base height of also 3 1/2″, while the overall shape mimics a small, single-service milk carton, hence it also has a peaked top, adding an additional 2″ to its total height.
The box is constructed of sturdy plastic, with a lid that slides off, rather than opening as one might expect such a box would open.
I saw two of these boxes; one white with black lettering, the other black with white lettering. If there are other options, I am unaware.
The top of the box, once inverted, has a second compartment that also closes, within which a person might place dice, life counters, tokens, baubles and other small items.
The box also includes two dividers.
This outside of the box is covered with humorous text, mostly playing off the milk-carton shape. It states the box is recommended for forty to one hundred cards. I popped in a sixty card MTG deck, and it fit fine. I was pleased to see the box easily accepted a deck in a the cardboard deck boxes, as that is how most people I know keep them. In fact the box easily held four cardboard deck boxes without a problem.
I found the opening and closing mechanism to be a bit difficult, though I imagine regular use would help.The box feels sturdy enough that it could take serious abuse.

The box gets the job done, but is nothing special. The humor/novelty value dissipates quickly. The pointed top limits your storage options and makes for a less-than-comfortable carry. It does offer much better protection than standard cardboard deck boxes, or even ho-hum run-of-the-mill soft-plastic deck boxes, but I still feel this deck/dice box could have done that with a more conventional shape.
[Editor’s Note:  This fun box easily holds as many as 40 to 50 standard-sized gaming dice, for those gamers who’d rather store dice than cards, because dice. – TC]
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