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A Peek At Midgard Worldbook

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A Peek At Midgard Worldbook (created by Wolfgang Baur and Richard Green)

Review by Ivar J Randall

Midgard Worldbook was published in hardcover format, measuring 11 1/4th inches tall by 9 inches wide and 1 ½ inches thick. The book cover is chunky and very sturdy. The book has a heft about it, weighing nearly five pounds. The cover art is by William O’ Connor. The image consists of the artist’s rendering of warring Vikings standing on a crag in battle pose with a large red dragon in the background. Kobold Press is the publisher, and 2018 is the year of its first printing. The book’s contents are 5th edition and compatible with Pathfinder Roleplaying.

Pages are of high-quality paper with a rustic appearance, tinted a pale yellowish cream/beige color to give each page an aged and weathered quality. Page edges have printed runes running from top margin to bottom in a rust brown tint. The text is bold and easily readable; combined with the tinted pages, a warm, pleasant experience is created for the eyes.


The Contents section is brilliantly organized breaking down the chapters for easy reference to each of the regions within the world of Midgard.

Artwork throughout the book is of majestic quality, pulling in the reader to its grand, epic scenery and meticulous detail applied to the characters. These images captivate and excite the imagination.

Throughout this book are many maps of Midgard. The maps are gloriously illustrated in full color depicting terrain, rivers, deserts, wastelands, oceans, mountains and stone crags.  These wonderful maps appear in abundance throughout the book and on the inside back cover is a bonus map insert for framing as a poster. The Poster is two-sided; on the one side is a map of the entire region of Midgard on the other side is an amplified map of Zobeck: the crossroad city of Midgard that shares its borders with three nations (the dwarven Ironcrag cantons, the human Magdar Kingdom and the female dominated Perunalia.) Midgard’s regions wrap around the crossroad city of Zobeck. The full-color poster measures 35 ½ inches wide by 23 ½ inches high, and is in the same artistic quality as the maps inside the book. The poster will make a beautiful addition to any wall (or presented as an interesting backdrop or reference guide to your next gaming adventure.)

Midgard Worldbook abounds with colorful heraldry throughout. The regions, stories and subjects are expertly written leaving no stone unturned to graphics and detail.

A favorite chapter in this book is that of the Wasted West (starts on page 226,) where one can read about the lands of the west completely ruined by the Mage Wars, from the desiccated lands on the edge of the Green Dutchy of Verrayne to the coasts of the Carnessian peninsula, the Elven courts of the Arbonesse, the lush forests, the towering Ironcrags and into the Goblin wastes.  It’s fun to experience this tale, following along with its maps and imagining the destruction being wrought upon this land by the warring mages.  Another favorite chapter was the Pantheon of Gods; a chapter expertly-written and artistically expressed with immense detail given to the descriptions of characters, their status, alignments and weapons.

Midgard Worldbook also includes both a 5th edition appendix and PFRPG appendix.

Midgard Worldbook is an excellent companion to the other two books, Midgard: A Players Guide and Midgard: Heroes Handbook.

Highly-recommend for gamers and non-gamers alike, all of whom will find this entertaining book to be an admirable addition to your coffee table or library.

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