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A Look At Pucket

Written by Alan Whipple

A fun, fast paced game for pretty much the entire family.  First impressions of this game will be correct, it isn’t complex, but in its simplicity there are hours of fun to be had.

Opening the box, I was impressed with the construction, it all felt like real wood, (except for the elastic bands of course) and it was mostly sturdy, the bottom of the play area being the only exception, at about one-eighth of an inch.

The board comes with a small rule book, sixteen pucks (round wooden discs) and two pegs which can be used to tighten the elastic bands. A little humor is thrown into the rules, but they are quickly cast aside, due to the ease of understanding the game.

Play is simple, each player starts with eight pucks. Using only the elastic band to propel them forward, the goal is to fire all of the pucks thru a thin slot in the middle of the base until all the pucks are on your opponent’s side.

That’s it!

In my house the game was instantly interesting to my eleven year old grand son, and even the eight year old grand-daughter won a game once she was coaxed into giving it a play. When their mother found the game interesting enough to join in I knew it was a winner, and the laughter while she competed with her son was contagious.

The game does bring out the competitive nature in people, and things get moving very quickly!
Each play lasted between five and ten minutes for the most part, with one particularly good game going almost fifteen.

I did have a few concerns however. For a game where you are firing pucks back and forth, it comes with no spares. I would expect at least four, and perhaps two additional wedges for tightening the elastic. One has to wonder as well how long the elastic will be taut enough for the game to work. I also fear what would happen if the board got wet. It’s pretty thin, and if it got warped the game would probably become unplayable.

Given that pieces can fly off the board, I feel even half an inch of extra height to the sides and middle bar would make a huge difference.

Concerns aside, however, it is a fun game, instantly accessible to almost anyone. One of my play-testers opined within the first ten minutes of play that she would like to buy one, that’s a clear sign that the game is a good one. I highly recommend Pucket.

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