John Enfield’s Gaming Gear: Part the First – Elderwood Winged Dice

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Guestwriter: John Enfield

Part one of a three part review! Part two will cover the Hex Chest Dice Box and part three will be about the Spellbook Game Box.

Elderwood Academy is an online boutique with many interesting bits of gaming gear, some of which are customizable – letting you choose from many different colors, types of materials, engraving designs, etc.  In this three-part review, we’ll be looking at three of them: the Elderwood Winged Dice, Hex Chest Dice Box and Spellbook Game Box.  The website itself is well designed, making finding products, choosing your options and checking out easy. The product info adequately described the items that we received and amused us with its quirky wording.

Pretty, pretty dice by Elderwood Academy

Pretty, pretty dice by Elderwood Academy

Let’s begin with the most important tool in any RPG player’s kit: the dice. The Elderwood Winged Dice are so named because of the very nice company logo of an ascending bird in flight. This logo is present in place of the highest number on each of the dice except for the D4. These pearlescent plastic dice come in three options. We received the blue with blue numbers, but we recommend getting the red with gold numbers or the black with white numbers instead since they look like they’d be easier to read, especially in low light, than the blue on blue ones.  It’d be a good idea for them to offer the blue dice with silver numbers as that combo looks nice and would be more legible. The dice will be immediately comfortable to anyone who has been playing with any of the major brand plastic dice, as they’re the same size, weight and feel. At $10, they are only just a little on the high side for plastic dice that have a number replaced by a special symbol but not by much.

You can also get Phoenix Dice sets (which also have the bird logo on them) in eleven different gemstones such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, howlite, rose quartz, etc. The pictures of howlite and rose quartz on the website were especially striking. The numbers on these are legible due and contrasting with the base color though, you don’t get to choose the number color. They’re priced a bit higher from $80 for ones like the rose quartz to $95 for more rare stones like the lapis lazuli.

If metal is more your style, Elderwood Academy offers a dice set made entirely from aircraft-grade aluminum painted gloss black with laser engraved numbers. From the website picture, they look like they have rather sharp edges and corners. Their $80 price isn’t bad for solid aluminum metal dice.

The stuff they sell to put your dice in are even more interesting than the dice themselves. They do have rather nice velvet, draw-string dice bags in onyx, ruby and sapphire colors, but storage options go way beyond that. Stay tuned for Part the Second: The Hex Chest Dice Box!





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