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Guestwriter: Luke Heller

Does Trivia Pursuit make you feel unintelligent?  Does it make you cringe and fake an illness whenever your friends suggest playing it?  Do you feel dumber than a box of rocks?  If that’s the case then here is a game for you… Box Of Rocks!!

I discovered this game by happenstance at this year’s GenCon (2018).  Twenty or so of us were at a restaurant Thursday evening.  We had a huge long-table in a private room.  I was at one end of the table and a short time after ordering I heard my one friend asking another friend questions from the other end of the table.   The questions were all over the place… “How many rings in the Olympic flag touch the blue one?” to “How many times has the Little Red Haired Girl from Peanuts been seen in the comic strip?”

Box of Rocks board set-up © Haywire Games

Box of Rocks board set-up © Haywire Games

Here’s the catch… there are only 3 possible answers to every question: 0, 1, or 2.  That’s it!  It’s like taking a multiple choice test without that annoying option of “D) All Of The Above.”

To make the game fun and interesting you are competing against a box of rocks.  That’s right… you get to finally find out if you are smarter than a box of rocks.   You’re probably asking yourself how does the box of rocks give an answer?!  I know I was when I overheard my friends playing this game.   I never did find out that evening because as always at GenCon things go sideways fast.  I wasn’t even sure it was a real game and not something my friend made up.   A couple days later while walking the Dealer Hall I actually found the game.  I can tell you I couldn’t get my cash out fast enough to buy it.

Box Of Rocks comes in a little, sturdy box designed to look like a wooden box.  Inside are 100 cards with 300 questions on them, a Meeple, a score card, the Rules Card, and 3 fake rocks.  Two of the rocks have a “I” painted on one side while the other side is blank.  The third rock is blank on both sides.  That’s it… no more, no less.  This game is so easy to teach and play you don’t even really need the Rules Card.

How to play?  Empty the box except for the 3 rocks.  Pick a question to ask someone(s).  After they pick their answer you shake the box and open it to reveal the Box Of Rock’s answer.   That answer will be all blank sides showing (zero), two blank sides showing and a “I” (one), or one blank side and the other two rocks showing their “I”s (two).

Yeah, yeah… the Box is just guessing randomly, but maybe so are you.  LOL!!

The best part about this game is that you don’t even need to keep score between the player(s) and the Box.  Just keep asking questions of people until it’s time to go/quit/play a new game.  Even better?  You can play this solo since the answers to the questions are on the backs of the cards.

I’ve taken this portable game on dinner dates and it is a great conversation starter.

The only thing missing in this game is the tons of fun you and your friends will have playing this game.  That you have to supply.   So what are you waiting for?!?  Go get this game and find out if you and your friends are as smart as a “Box Of Rocks.”

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    John Enfield

    I love trivia games. Sometimes, games like Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit do make me feel a little dumb (unless it’s a themed version like Star Wars or something, then I crush it. 🙂 ). Also a lot of people don’t seem to like trivia games. But maybe they’d like this one as it wouldn’t seem so intimidating with its same three options and competing against a ‘box of rocks’. Very clever of them to come up with a game based on that old saying.

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