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Guest Writer: Heidi Berthiaume

KADO: The Right Answer (Seikai Suru Kado) is an original twelve episode anime about the choices individual people, governments, and humanity have to make when given three technological advancements by a highly evolved being.

One day, without any warning, a 2 kilometer/1.24 mile sided cube descends on a Japanese airport, completely engulfing a jet on the runway. Kōjirō Shindō, a skilled negotiator for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and his co-worker Shun Hanamori, are on board, along with 250 other passengers. No one is harmed, but they find themselves inside a strangely textured and colored room. A man forms before them and introduces himself as Yaha-kui zaShunina. The name of the cube is “Kado,” and as the military find out very quickly, it is impervious to any means of attack. zaShunina says he has specifically chosen Japan to be the recipient of gifts that will advance the world. Shindo, leaves the airplane to talk to zaShunina … and becomes the being’s representative to the Japanese government and to the world. And that’s just the first two episodes.

Episodes 3-6 covers the events of zaShunina’s first gift: the Wam, which produce unlimited energy. While initially a blessing, the fact that only Japan has the Wam produces economic and militaristic responses from the other countries of earth. Episode 6.5 recaps the previous events. Episode 7 begins two episode arc involving zaShunina’s second gift: Sansa, which allows humans to go without sleep. In response, Saraka Tsukai, the negotiator counterpart for the Japanese government, spends the day with Shindo off the record, trying to show him what humanity has and what it is loosing by accepting zaShunina’s gift.

Episode 9 reveals zaShunina’s last gift, something that would forever alter how humanity exists in the universe. Shindo also discovers the reason behind zaShunina’s generosity … and has to decide what action to take, if any. There is also an Episode 0, which takes place before the main events of the show. It shows an atypical assignment for Shindo that provides insight as to why he is consider the best negotiator of any department. The characters and location of Episode 0 do end up playing a critical roll in the last two episodes of the anime, so it is worth your time to watch this ep.

©Toei Animation

A science fiction anime that takes place in current times, KADO: The Right Answer explores the common question of how the world would react to being given advanced technology on multiple levels: how the individuals react, from Shindo and Tsukai to the Japanese Prime Minister and the scientists involved in trying to understand and use zaShunina’s gift, to governments who react in terms of scarcity and power struggles. In the end, all the ideas of the resolution are there in the episodes, though the way they are finally pieced together came as a surprise.

A manga was released that covered the same events of the anime. A manga spin-off, called Kado – The Right Answer: Blue Spring and Railgun, takes place after episode 5 and follows a group of students whose lives are changed after the appearance of Kado. KADO is available to watch subtitled on Crunchyroll for free with advertisements or without ads if you are a subscriber. The English dub was produced by Funimation and is available to watch on their website for Premium Subscribers.

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