Sword of Ages #2 by IDW Doesn’t Disappoint

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Guestwriter: J. E. Feldman
Creator- Gabriel Rodriguez
This article is possible due to the gift of a review copy, QWERTY and rolling natural 20s.
Sword of Ages #2 cover art © IDW

Sword of Ages #2 cover art © IDW

Full of action-packed adventure from the first page, this is the sequel everyone has been waiting for. Introduced as a five-issue series, creator Gabriel Rodriguez does not disappoint his avid followers with this tale of a heroine named Avalon. In this issue, she meets new partners while trying to prevent a power struggle across her planet. She needs to retrieve the sword from the Sacred Lake, but worries the guardian of it may present a challenge. She never slows down in her quest and always continues moving forward.

The illustrations are beautiful! The artwork drew me in because of the futuristic feel to the character designs and because of the simple color scheme. It looked rougher, almost like parchment or canvas and I have a hunch this was done to remind everyone that this is a science fiction gender-swapping spin-off of King Arthur. It perfectly fits Avalon and worked very well when the artists used bright colors to bring attention to certain areas of the page first. An example is of when she goes to retrieve the sword. Most of the other colors on the page are neutral but the crystal the sword is encased in is a bright luminescent green. Placements like this are all throughout the comic and are well thought out.
There is definitely snarky humor in this and moments that will literally have you laughing. While some mild cursing is in store, it does not take away from the dialogue and rather enhances it as you grow closer to the characters.
The antagonists definitely enjoy talking in this one. Much of the dialogue revolves around them as they plan for world domination and the destruction of the protagonists. I found myself wanting to read more about Avalon and her companions, but it is obvious here that this issue is setting up for something big in the next one. With this being so closely based off of King Arthur, I’m very curious as to which direction Rodriguez is going to go with the rest of Avalon’s story. Will he stick closely to the old legends or will there be a glorious new twist on things? I’m definitely going to stick around with the series to find out.
This comic comes highly recommended, especially for those who enjoy the legends of King Arthur. You won’t be disappointed.
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