What’s On Your Shelf? All The BECMI Boxes!

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Compared to our last few entries on What’s On Your Shelf, this one doesn’t have a lot of photos. In fact, Tim from Nova Scotia sent us only one photo, but he only needed one. (Well, two, because he wanted us to pick the best one to use. He’s pretty conscientious that way.) I admit, my inner 12-year-old did some fangirl squeeing at this one photo though. It’s the still image equivalent of one of those “oddly satisfying videos” on Youtube that people use for reducing stress.

Behold! BECMI D&D with all the boxes and orange cover release of The Isle of Dread module! We have rarely seen a BECMI collection that includes the Immortals set and even fewer still have all the boxes. Sure, the boxes show use and having been repaired, but they have also been well loved and played, as they should! Thank you, Tim for sending this in and making my day.

What's on your shelf BECMI Photo by Tim of Nova Scotia

Best rainbow ever. Photo by Tim of Nova Scotia

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    John Enfield

    Nice collection! Yes, it’s good to see them with some wear and repair. It’s sad to see something that old that is meant to be played with or used somehow that is still in pristine condition.

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