No. 1 With a Bullet continues to shock and impress in Issue #3

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-This article was possible due to the gift of a review copy, QWERTY, and rolling natural 20s.


Guest Writer: Katherine Cooper Butland

We pick up immediately from Issue #2’s cliffhanger, which left us with the startling visual of an aggressive note to Nash written on the wall in her house. As Nash strives to figure out who broke into her house and vandalized her wall, she’s led into a strange world of illusion by a past victim of murder and assault.

Other parts of the story begin to draw to a head. Each issue of No. 1 With a Bullet, up until this point, has started with a online dialogue between Nash and username Mancomesaround. Within the comic itself, these conversations have only been vaguely referred to. This remains the case, however now we’re treated to the darker side of Mancomesaround’s personality. This was eluded to in issue 2, as he seemed elated at the prospect of Nash’s leaked video. In issue three, however, he’s downright vicious. He calls Nash names and sends messages in all caps, followed by one haunting, threatening message. Whatever “I am here. And I will teach you to be a proper woman” means, it cannot be good for Nash.

The text conversation between Nash and Mancomesaround is one of the many levels on which No. 1 With a Bullet weaves an intricate story. This story is loaded with little details, all of which lead me to believe there’s still a lot left to be told. For instance, we haven’t heard much about Jad’s estranged wife since the first issue, and the man who fell to his death in issue one hasn’t been expanded upon, either.


Something tells me that all of these little bits are connected to the main story, considering we don’t know why Nash decided to get with Jad in the first place. And there was that one startling little detail from the opening pages of the first issue, when Nash was wearing those contacts and found Jad’s supposedly dead body…

I have no predictions at this point, but No. 1 With a Bullet has become a rich rabbit hole filled with deep, dark secrets. I’m just along for the ride, waiting to see what becomes of each character—but especially Nash, who has been victim of circumstances she didn’t ask for. I’m hooked on this comic, and I eagerly await Issue #4, due in February.

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