77 Lost Worlds, a Post-Apocalyptic RPG

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Guest Writer: Dave Johnson

I have always been a big fan of science fiction movies, television shows, and books. I think it’s the idea that something better will come to us in the future. But, as we all know, life isn’t clean and tidy; sometimes things go horribly wrong. Life is messy. The struggle to survive lets us know we are alive and in control of our destiny. The 77 Lost Worlds universe is just that. It’s ripe for adventure! The largest post-apocalyptic role-playing game of its kind.

77 Worlds box © Fireside Creations

77 Lost Worlds box © Fireside Creations

Three-hundred years ago, during the golden age of humanity, a thriving and expanding civilization made up seventy-seven planets and outposts came to an abrupt halt. This is the reality of today. For reasons that have yet to be discovered and alien race attacked. This unprovoked aggression came as a coordinated, simultaneous assault on all human planets and outposts. Naturally, this was a total surprise to the Empire government. We were like fish-out-of-water. Almost too shocked to give a response. The first wave of attacks was devastating, but although we are a peaceful people, our Empire has a strong military. We have never forgotten the lessons of the past. The war waged on. Wave after wave of alien attacks left the line of robotic defense ships ” known as S ships ” little recourse. A decision was made by the networked mind of the defense AIs. If we cannot save all of the worlds; we must save Earth-prime!

What you get in the box:

Core Rules Book (Basic Edition)
Adventure Book
Combat Card deck
Six Campaign Maps
Character Sheets
Ward Card System

The core mechanic of this game, and what makes this game stand out from the rest, is the Ward Card System! This system created by, legendary author and role-playing game designer, James M. Ward uses a standard deck of 52 cards with two Jokers. Be sure to get an up-to-date version of the Ward Card System at the following URL: http://firesidecreations.com/images/pdffiles/downloads/wcs2016.pdf

Core Rules Book:

This book contains the basic rules for playing the game. It also contains the history or background of the universe of The 77 Lost Worlds game setting. This book is 48 plus pages of rules, examples, and character samples. The book explains, in depth, the character generation methods used.  Each rule is presented in clear language that all ages can understand. No jargon. Many character classes are presented too. You can play a Medic, or Mentalist, Scientist or Soldier (to name a few). Weapons and technology are also explained clearly. After reading the book… I can say that I became very excited to play the game. A section of the book is dedicated to the “monsters” that inhabit the three domes on the moon.

The art is very good. I loved all of it.  Be sure to purchase the related fiction. This will be a great resource for the Game Master. Knowing the background and how people live within the context of the Lunar Resorts is a big help. Especially to me. I bought the Lunar Resorts Anthology I in paperback and I recommend you get it too. All are available via Fireside Creations webpage. http://www.77worlds.com or Amazon.com

Adventure Booklet:

This booklet is intended for the Game Master and contains descriptions of some of the seventy-seven worlds that are important to the setting. It also contains an explanation of the first campaign with further reading about the three domes on the moon. New story lines and character sheets.

Combat Card Deck:

One deck of custom 77 Lost Worlds playing cards for use with the game. More cards are needed for optimum playability. A standard deck of playing cards can be used. I encourage you to buy the official cards from Fireside Creations.

Six Campaign Maps:

Special full color, two sided maps printed on heavy stock of each dome is provided in the box set.

Ward Card System:

What is the Ward Card System? As stated above, this system is unique to the game. It produces randomness by choosing cards. Each player will have a deck of cards. A red card is always a good thing, whereas black cards are a setback or failure. Face cards are high with Ace’s highest of all. The system is fully explained in the WCS download. The URL is noted above. This card system makes the game more fun to play too.

Other materials included in the box set are, a 12 page Quick Start Players Guide.

Other free materials are available on the Fireside Creations webpage too. Be sure to create an account so you can chat on the official forums. A Facebook page is available too both for Fireside Creations and 77 Lost Worlds. A lot is happening at FSC. New products and materials along with adventure modules.

The Game Setting:

The first adventure your group will have is located in the Egyptian Dome. The GM will read the adventure module provided in the Adventure Booklet. My family and I had a great time with this adventure too. I bought ET01 Palace of the Pharaoh adventure written by James M. Ward.


This new role-playing game from Fireside Creations is top notch! Well crafted and very playable. Easy to understand and very imaginative. The related fiction is very helpful for the GM and players alike. The related books are a great help to understanding how things work in the world of the Lunar Resorts.
Bottom line: This is a great game and worthy of any gamers collection. Great for beginners and veterans too. An entire universe is now available to adventure hungry players. My hat is off to Stephen A. Lee and James M. Ward for bringing this game to life!

Be sure to get this game for your kids and friends. Makes a great gift for any occasion.

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