Guest Review: Rough Riders: Riders on the Storm #6

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-This article was possible due to the gift of a review copy, QWERTY, and rolling natural 20s.

©Adam Glass and Patrick Olliffe

Guest Writer: Rob Johnson

COMIC REVIEW 350 10/11
Riders on the Storm
Rough Riders #6
Written by Adam Glass
Art by Patrick Olliffe

Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders you say? Yes, I’ve heard of them. But not like this! Rough Riders issue number 6 is my first read of the series and it will not be the last. This crew is both out of the past and a blast as a team. Where do I begin? This enigmatic crew of the 20th century, and the story, have everything to offer the reader and more! A great series for history buffs too. The artwork and the cover of this comic really caught my eye and I just had to read it. The Crew: Annie Oakley “little sure shot”, Thomas Edison “the wizard”, Jack Johnson “the Galveston giant”, Harry Houdini “the wild card”, and Monk Eastman “roughneck” make an amazing, but somewhat knotty, team that’s saves the world.

The artwork by Patrick Olliffe and coloring throughout the comic has such detail and historical accuracy, it made the experience of reading this comic very exciting.  Looking through the comic and seeing the spectacular explosions and impressive detail in every respect brought the whole grand design of the story together.

The challenges that Theodore Roosevelt, and his behind the scenes crew, face include an enemy in the year 1898 that will push them to the point of breaking. Each member brings an exciting talent and ability that will leave you flabbergasted and wanting more. This complicated team has its own trust issues and background stories that make me wonder if they will stay together long enough to win the day. Fortunately, “the big stick”, Theodore Roosevelt is just the leader needed that will bring them all together in the end.

The Stage is set on a global scale with historic treachery and beguilement. Just when you think you have the story line figured out and say to yourself “I KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING”, Adam Glass pulls the carpet from under your feet. When that happened to me all I could do was smile and look forward to the next issue.

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