Konflikt 47 Resurgence: Osprey Games Weird War 2 Continues

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Fans of Osprey Games Konflikt 47 have some cause for celebration. Resurgence arrives with new and revised rules, along with unit lists for both .

To be clear, Resurgence is not a stand-alone game. This is an expansion. Konflikt 47 is a skirmish game built on a science-fantasy premise in which atomic bomb testing has opened dimensional rifts from which both sides have obtained technology. Tesla weapons, powered armor, genetic engineering, and mech-like armored units have been unleashed on the battlefield.

Imagine every cool cover to DC comics classic Weird War Tales thrown in a blender with Squad Leader and played with minis, and you have this game’s aesthetic nailed.

The mechanics are based on Warlord Games Bolt Action rules set, and this game represents a collaboration between Osprey, Warlord, and Clockwork Goblin.

For those of you interested but unfamiliar with the game, there are several excellent reviews of both Konflikt 47 and Bolt Action that can fill in the blanks that this review must needs leave for the sake of brevity.

A quick look at what Resurgence brings to the gaming table.

  • Expanded background and history. Osprey continues the timeline from the core rules, providing a great deal of fodder for developing one’s own scenarios.
  • Rules revisions and expansions. Notable new rules include the addition of special units for each nation.New weapons and new weapons tables are introduced. Rules for vehicles are cleaned up and expanded. Rules for special units are defined.
  • New Units. The largest section of the book and the real meat of the product is in this section. In addition to expanding the unit lists for the original game, the Imperial Japanese and Finnish armies are detailed herein. Headquarters units are detailed, including special hero-type units unique to each nation. K47 players will now be able to field powerful commanders with impressive capabilities.

The book itself is full color on glossy paper stock in a trade paperback format. The book is well edited, the illustrations are all of superior quality, and the painted minis within look stunning. The book takes great pains to demonstrate that this game is a feast for the senses when properly presented.

For those already playing the system, Resurgence is an easy and essential purchase. For those of you who aren’t, Konflikt 47 takes both traditional wargaming and sci-fi and concocts a very interesting premise. As an aside to the grognard who (like myself) has Rip Van Winkled his way through the last few decades of wargaming, Konflikt 47 and the skirmish genre it is a part of represent the evolution of the Avalon Hill style wargames we loved back in the old days. Unit ratios are always 1:1 in the tradition of Sqyad Leader. Any older player looking for the experience that game provided can find it here, in a grander form.

We’ve come a long way from cardboard maps and counters, haven’t we?






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    Christopher Bishop

    Dark Osprey makes quality products, it certainly appears the trend continues with this one! Great Review thank you!

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