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Sneak Peek: Aspen Universe: Decimation #1

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Sneak Peek:  Aspen Comics DEADLIEST EVENT of the year! Aspen Universe: Decimation #1, the PREMIERE ISSUE! Aspen Universe: Decimation #1 is written by Vince Hernandez, and illustrated by Marco Renna, with colors by Federico Blee and John Starr, and is available THIS WEDNESDAY, October 11th 2017, everywhere Aspen Comics are sold!

The time for Revelations has ended.

The time for Decimation has begun…

Aspen Comics’ deadliest event EVER kicks off this October as the fiercest anti-heroines in the Aspen Universe take center stage in this massive event series! Orlana the Death Princess has a devastating ability to control minds, and she has recruited the most powerfully gifted villainesses across the globe to do her bidding—with no Aspen hero safe from her reach!

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