League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Ironclad Miniatures

A Postcard From The Paint Station

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Dear hobbyist,

How have you been?  I hope all is well.

It’s been a marvelous summer on Long Island. The sunsets over Hempstead Harbor (on the island’s north shore) are seldom as spectacular as they’ve been during these past three weeks at Morgan Memorial Park. And with the solar eclipse behind us, summer has inched another day closer towards autumn [cue thoughts of cool crisp air, raking the leaves, sipping on hot homemade apple cider, and painting miniatures.]

Ahhh autumn, and the pleasant aroma of non-toxic water-based acrylic paint!

In the spirit of getting a headstart into the imminent season, an assortment of nineteen miniatures is ready for paint [twelve Dark Sword Miniatures (USA) and seven Ironclad Miniatures (UK).]

Yes, the weeks to come shall be merry with plenty of X-Acto knifing, filing, gluing, priming, basing, layering, shading/washing, dry brushing, glossing, varnishing and more.

In addition to Dark Sword and Ironclad, we’ll also soon have a look at Alchemist Miniatures (France,) Bronze Dragon Miniatures (Greece,)  Legendary Realms Terrain (USA,) Titan Forge Miniatures (Poland,) V&V Miniatures (Russia) and Westfalia Miniatures (UK.)

Watch for more pictures and thoughts as we bring you more Postcards From The Paint Station.

Thanks for being with us. It’s a thrilling time to be a hobbyist.

Until next time,
Timothy Morgan Connolly
August 22, 2017





Question:  When is a game more than a game?
Answer:  When it’s also a hobby.

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    Christopher Bishop

    Heh I for one am looking forward to reviewing my little bit for sure. Are those ironclad minis based around the league of extraordinary gentlemen? It sure seems like it, I see invisible man, Hyde, Quartermain and Nemo perhaps?

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      Timothy Connolly

      Indeed, my dear fellow. That’s the LoEG alright. You have a keen eye for characters.

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