Dicecapades Second Edition: Fun for the entire party!

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Dicecapades 2nd Edition. A fun game for all.

Dicecapades Second Edition has been released, and quite a bit has changed, it seems from the original Dicecapades. However, this does not mean the game is any less fun; quite the contrary. Dicecapades has evolved from a board game with a lot of dice (over 100 dice in the original!) to a party game with 50 dice and plenty of challenge cards.

Changes From The Original

Dicecapades original release in 2007 by the Haywire Group, included a board and tokens. This followed the standard board game idea of being first to reach the end. To do so, one had to complete challenges on the cards using the dice in some manner each turn. This new second edition of Dicecapades has dropped the board and tokens, and turned Dicecapades into what it should have been all along – a party game, in the same vein as Scattergories.

Another change in the editions is the sheer amount of dice. While the original had over 100, with 8 polyhedral sets in it, as well as many six-sided spotted die, the second has just two polyhedral sets and 6 spotted die. The second edition also increased the number of six-sided picture die in the game.

The final change was increasing the amount of challenge cards. Instead of having 90 cards in the first game, causing many cards to repeat, the second edition has 200, along with 3 – 45-card expansions also released.

Dicecapades Now Has A Party Feel

With the changes from the original edition, Dicecapades definitely suits the party game style. The challenge card categories remain the same. You roll a six-sided die that has three different colors on it. The color rolled is the color of the challenge card you choose. Yellow is Thinkingtown, which usually requires a die roll and some form of thought, such as “Roll a yellow die (a twenty-sided die). In 30 seconds, name that many Disney characters.” Blue is Actionland, which relies on charades, drawing, or odd physical activities. An example is “Roll the 5 poker dice and the (5) white spot dice. Now, with your eyes closed, make two separate stacks of dice according to their size within 30 seconds”.


Can you do this Dicecapades challenge with your eyes closed in under 30 seconds?

The third and final category, Triviaville, requires a second roll of the three-colored die. This chooses the trivia question asked of the player. These can be difficult, with an example being “What number golf iron did Alan Shepard use to hit a lunar shot in 1971?”. The answers are multiple choice, so there is a chance a player may guess the answer.

When a player correctly completes a challenge, they keep the card, with charades and drawing being exceptions. On those cards, both the player who correctly guessed and the player performing get a card. This is how the game is won, by collecting the most cards. The goal is to collect between six to eight cards total, though there are alternative ways to play, such as collecting three of each kind of card or using a time limit.


The contents of Dicecapades Second Edition. Be careful with the 9 micro dice – I keep ours in a zipping plastic bag.

Final Thoughts

Dicecapades is made by Haywire Group and retails for $19.99 for the base game and $4.99 for each expansion. You can search for the closest retailer to you on their website at http://www.haywiregroup.com/where-buy/ . This game is definitely a 9/10, with the only complaints I have are the reduction of dice and the card amount seems too small, as after 3 games with 4 people attempting to collect three of each color, we started to recycle cards. Once this occured, we decided to acquire the expansion packs. As a result, I recommend if you purchase this as a party game, grab the expansions as well.


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