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Guest Review: Britannia #1

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Guest Writer: Tim Myers

Peter Milligan -Writer
Juan José Rype -Artist

What do you get when you have an Imperial Investigator—an ancient Roman version of Sherlock Holmes—dispatched to a faraway outpost in the Roman empire in the 4th decade AD? How about Britannia #1, an original best seller from Valiant Entertainment based out of New York. That detective’s name is Antonius Axia and his purpose is to uncover the strange happenings in the far-off Imperial colony of Britannia. In this tale reminiscent of the ancient myth of Beowulf, intrigue and suspense reign supreme as Peter Milligan creates this vivid rendition and Juan José Rype’s artwork fills in what gaps remain. Each telling of this fairy tale conveys why this story has spurred imagination from time immemorial and will likely continue to do so until the end of time.

Tim Myers is an adult student at Southern New Hampshire University’s online school working to update his writing skills. He has been an avid role-player for over 20 years and a fan of comics and graphic novels since he and his son started reading them together around four years ago.

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