Guest Review: World War Tank Girl

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Guest Writer: Christopher Bishop

Alan Martin- writer
Brett Parson-artist

Tank Girl, everyone’s favorite Post Apocalyptic Australian gal thrust into the middle of World War II.  Much like any Tank Girl offering it makes no apologies for little to no back story and simply thrusts you straight into action.  Action which has our favorite lady running naked across a battlefield clipping Nazi’s left and right while dodging fire and dealing death in a way most navy seals only wish they could.

Brett Parson’s visuals lend a very credible golden age feel to the story, while still holding true to the British punk almost heavy metalesque feel of Tank Girl’s origins.  True to form Martin leads us through a semi confusing labyrinth of story line as much at home in Tank Girls pages as it would be in a starstruck story.  The one liners are frequent, they are graphic and well, they are just tank girl.

World War Tank Girl cover ©2017 Titan Comics

World War Tank Girl cover ©2017 Titan Comics

Particularly well done is the inclusion of the different era’s sensibilities colliding. The British soldiers maintain the stereotypical stiff upper lip and discipline dependent attitudes often reluctant to handle unexpected change meanwhile Tank girl and friends are as chaotic and spontaneous as ever despite being thrust into what is once mentioned as the inside of a black and white television.  Frantic fun and off the walls, the dialogue makes no pretenses about remaining non-offensive.  This is a definite adult story line so be warned before you decide to take it to work to read.

A few of the old favorites make their appearances though they are separated on different fronts of the war.  Booga, and Barney show up to lend their own manic touch to things, and Booga in particular has a few comedic bits sure to get a chuckle from readers.  Even the advertisements for 100 Crappy Plastic Soldiers looks like it was taken out of the back of Captain America Comics from the 1940’s but with far more truth in advertising then would have been present at the time (Made of inferior plastic, each with its own problem!)

If you’re looking for a non-apologetic fun romp through World War II with plenty of explosions, bullets, curse words and chain smoking cigar laced sexualized humor, this is the comic for you.  It is fast, it is fun the plot is thin enough to get the job done without bogging down the action, and most importantly it holds true to all the tropes commonly expected from a Tank Girl comic.  This May consider picking up World War Tank Girl!

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