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Guest Review: Doppelganger #1

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Guest Writer: Tim Myers

A four-issue series by Jordan Hart, Doppelganger is about the beginning of one man’s descent into madness. Beginning with a small fender bender one afternoon, Dennis, our protagonist, has his life turned upside down in an unusual encounter with destiny. As we follow along and the situation becomes twisted, he finds that he has no choice but to accept the inevitable and relinquish control of his life, as he will die in a matter of days.

Cover art of issue 1 ©2017 Alterna Comics

Cover art of issue 1 ©2017 Alterna Comics

Javier’s artwork portrays the utter confusion that washes over Dennis, as he realizes the enormity of what has just happened and the uselessness of struggling against the inescapable. Eventually, he tries to confront his antagonist and is shown the futility of his efforts.

With an age rating of 17+, this is not a comic for the young reader, although it is not excessively violent. The ideas behind the story require a certain level of maturity in order to understand the psychology. With a storyline reminiscent of old Twilight Zone television episodes and Alfred Hitchcock thriller movies, Hart and Javier are sure to entertain each fan of suspense and thrill seeking who delves into these pages with their rendering of an old-time myth in a modern setting. Each panel keeps us in suspense, as Dennis struggles against his apparent destiny. With artwork similar to that of Bob Montana, the artist behind Archie and Jughead, this series has an appealing look to the younger reader, while also remaining suspenseful enough to entertain the older reader.

The suspense contained in these 24 pages absolutely grabs fans of this new up and coming writer, Hart, fans of Javier’s previous works, and absolute newcomers alike. In fact, the suspense is sure to initiate that hair-raising feeling in anyone who delves into these panels.

Readers who enjoy horror, suspense, and hair-raising excitement will find themselves hungrily devouring each page as they attempt to unravel the science fiction themed plot in Doppelganger.

Each page invites us to follow this thought-provoking tale, yet with a month in between releases, we will eagerly await every issue!

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