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Joe Manganiello From Magic Mike to Magic Missile

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Actor Joe Manganiello may have gotten his big movie break by playing bully Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi’s  Spider-Man, but the truth is, he’s one of us geeks. He has played Dungeons & Dragons since he was a kid, with the introduction of the “Red Box” Basic set in the 1980s. Joe’s been tweeting for awhile about how he is in talks with Wizards of the Coast and people in Hollywood to get a good Dungeons & Dragons movie made. The script that’s being pitched was written by John Cassel and appears to be finished in at least as far as being used for a movie pitch is concerned. Using Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings as examples, his goal has been in making a good case for how to do a proper D&D based movie.

Joe tweeted a teaser of the manuscript’s title page to generate some excitement and support for his project.

His plan has worked so far, with even Margaret Weis getting excited about the prospect. This is in the early stages yet and the way Hollywood works, it’s far too early to tell if this will become a reality or not.

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    John Enfield

    That’s a cool picture you put with the article. Looks like a woodcut. I’ve followed Joe on twitter. He has some interesting posts about his roles in movies and about his new D&D project. I so hope that he succeeds in getting a D&D movie made that is at least as impressive of a production as the Lord of the Rings movies. I enjoyed the first two D&D movies with the first one being a funny, popcorn movie for the most part and the second being a real love letter to the game itself. It’s too bad that the second one, Wrath of the Dragon God, was made with such an obviously low budget. I think if it had been given a LOTR sized budget and that level of craftsmanship, it would be the D&D movie people would be raving about already.

    Lets hope Joe can pull it off.

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    Tim Myers

    That is so awesome after the last couple failures, err I mean attempts! A serious movie based on D&D would satiate the hunger so many people have for this movie. There are many a former gamer with fond memories of late night gaming sessions in dorm rooms during college. The guys who were nerds and geeks hung out together and gamed, and have now grown up to become some of America’s top executives, and many of today’s common middle class dads. Among tech companies especially, I would think. By the way, that’s now on my radar for researching. I love research writing.

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