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Book Retort: ECLIPSE #5

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Written by Tim Myers

Another issue from the former screenwriting teacher Zack Kaplan, this follow-up continues the Eclipse series, unfolding the intrigue-ridden story of Cielo, our heroine and the daughter of Solarity CEO Nick Brandt, and David Baxter (Bax;) a security officer with Solarity charged with keeping Mr. Brandt’s rebellious daughter safe. Cielo tries to come to terms with the drastic changes in her life since The Flare. In this issue, we get more of a feel for how bleak and miserable life is in New York as daylight forces citizens to seek shelter and adopt a nocturnal lifestyle. We find Bax wrestling with his convictions, as he struggles with and arrests a protester. This activist is committing a crime, so Bax is bound to arrest him, but when he discovers the man is only trying to care for his daughter this new information forces him to question his purpose and morals. Everly sends him on an assignment out into the wasteland beyond the city where we see stunning landscapes, as Giovanni Timpano’s artwork brings the story of Cielo’s and Bax’s adventures to life.

Readers see more of the history between Bax and Cielo, including the previous trials of this dystopian society since the event that mysteriously changed everything. We also witness interactions between many figures vital to the story: both current exchanges and a series of flashbacks that give us glimpses into their deeper motivations. Cielo’s rebellious nature wars with her need for self-preservation as she searches for answers to why the mysterious priest had tried to kill her (and how he had walked in daylight.) A new development in the case has Cielo going to the security office seeking assistance from Bax, but when she finds that he is unavailable she meets and confides in Everly (another security officer whose actions deny her opinion that all security forces are essentially her father’s paid thugs.)

This fifth issue of the ongoing ECLIPSE title keeps us in suspense, eager to turn each page, as Cielo wades through the murky realms of this post-apocalyptic wasteland searching for answers. The levels of depth and maneuvering laced throughout this tale are deserving of a close-reading and discussion.

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