Book Retort: Starstruck #1

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Starstruck #1

Written by Elaine Lee, Artwork by Mw Kaluta

Review by Christopher Bishop

Starstruck has enjoyed a long storied past, originally taken from an off-Broadway play, it spanned across multiple different formats and companies since the early 1980s.  It semi-follows along the adventures of Captain Galatia 9 and her partner Brucilla the muscle.  The series was known for using a narrative that was nonlinear and would often branch out into stories that sometimes were a complete farce.  In other words, the narrator was telling things from a less-than-honest perspective.

This particular addition to the epic saga focuses on Harry Palmer in his quest to recover his lost android waitress / assumed lover.  Elaine Lee’s writing style is deep and can become confounding.  Oftentimes I found myself having to go back and review past offerings just to figure out where the plot was moving towards.  Being that Starstruck is such a cult fanbase comic, that’s not a bad thing.  Those whom have followed Starstruck since its inception are prepared to follow through twisting plot lines and unapologetic romps into side fancy that have little to no bearing on the present story arc at hand.  It is abundantly clear why Starstruck was clearly so fond of Heavy Metal serials for his inspiration.

The artwork by Kaluta is amazing.  I have been a fan of Kaluta’s art since the days of DC Comics “The Shadow” run.  The space visuals alone are imaginative and jaw-dropping.  My only complaint would be the rehashing of previous artwork from previous runs of Starstruck, but it’s a minor thing, and being that they are flashbacks had by the protagonist, it fits in about as well as anything else does with the spiraling narrative.

The story through issue #1 is well conveyed, but may require more than one reading to fully appreciate the dynamic plot line.  I will admit to being only mildly familiar with the material prior to picking up this comic book, and would highly recommend anyone desiring to start down this path to pick up the IDW anthology of previous works (Starstruck Deluxe Edition,) which incorporates the Dark Horse, Epic and Marvel runs respectively, with some new material added in as well.

The story line is so complex, were it not for the detailed cast history in the back of the first issue, a new reader might be left completely in the dust as to just what the heck was going on.  That being said, the brief synopsis and the detailed major cast list elevate this product as a decent jumping-on point for new readers.  With all these aspects in mind, I have no trouble giving Starstruck a solid A- with only a few points docked for including old artwork and it being hard to understand the dialogue at times without an explanation.

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