Book Retort: Divinity III: Shadowman and the Battle for New Stalingrad

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Written by Eric Bloat

Divinity III: Shadowman and The Battle for New Stalingrad (one-shot) takes place in an alternate-history, modern day dystopian cold-war nightmare where Russia won The Cold War long before it ever began.  Beginning in 1922 and through a series of history-altering events, Russia has conquered the world, and yes that includes the United States!  Russian President Putin has fashioned this new communist America in the image of Mother Russia herself.  However, not all is peace and glory as the propaganda bills read.

This story takes place in modern day New Stalingrad, formerly New York City.  Jack Boniface, aka Shadowman, is a New Orleans native who has made his way to New York Cit…er, New Stalingrad, to help with the rebellion against the Communists.  Jack is a survivor from the Soviet-built nuclear weapons facility “accident” that occurred in New Orleans when he was a child.  Later in life, Jack would learn about his gift to turn into Shadowman; a powerful being with the ability to command the spirits of the dead.

As the tale begins, we find that Jack in hiding.  Fearing the Soviets are looking for him, or rather Shadowman, Jack refuses to make the change so as not to somehow fall under the control of the Russians.  After Russian tanks blow up the Statue of Liberty and Russian soldiers begin killing crowds of Americans, Jack can hide Shadowman away no longer.  And that’s where this story really kicks into high gear.

Written by Scott Bryan Wilson (Batman Annual), a relative newcomer to comics, Wilson shows that he is more than qualified to be writing for Valiant and DC Comics with this gripping tale of oppression and rebellion.  The art of Robert Gill (Wrath of the Eternal Warrior) compliments Wilson’s writing with top-tier art and imagery-heavy storytelling.  Gill’s work is highlighted best with three back-to-back splash pages depicting the turning of the tide between the US citizens and the Russian soldiers with the coming of Shadowman.

Available on newsstands now, and for digital download as well, this one-shot is a great introduction to Valiant Comics’ new Stalinverse (especially for those who enjoy thought-provoking graphic literature.)

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Eric Bloat

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