DIY Gelatinous Cube

Always Room for Gelatinous Cube DIY

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Don’t ask me why I find the gelatinous cube to be an amusing monster. It’s anything but amusing if your party encounters one, yet I have a love for them anyway. I’m guessing it’s due to being a part-time DM (and despite being a part-time Player).

So, I was delighted to find a Youtube video by user Blandco with instructions for making your very own translucent Gelatinous Cube mini. Check out the video below. If you make a cube this way, let us know and send us an email at


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    John Enfield

    Wow! I finally, after years of looking for one in the Deserts of Desolation blind booster boxes without success, got a D&D Gelantinous Cube by trading minis with a guy who had two cubes. I just love it! In a way though, I kinda wish it was hollow so that I could envelop my poor hapless players’ character minis with it. I may have to give this a try. Since my wife is a teacher, we go to Hobby Lobby and Michaels a lot. Maybe I can find some of this resin stuff he mentions in the video.

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