Book Retort: Divinity III: Stalinverse: ARIC, Son of the Revolution #1

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Written by Colter Maltby

The world has changed. You wake up one morning and find that the Soviet Union has won the Cold War many decades ago; our world now shaped from that event. The United States (run by USSR puppets since 1951,) erupts in civil war come 1969, and is entirely engulfed by the Soviets come 1995. Rebel leader John Kennedy is assassinated off the coast of Cuba in 1973, Soviet Cosmonauts are mapping the nearest galaxies by 1987, and Joseph Stalin rules it all with an iron fist. Welcome to the STALINVERSE of Valiant Comics’ DIVINITY III title.

The STALINVERSE isn’t an Elseworlds or What if?, but the main Valiant universe, changed by as-yet-unknown powers. Valiant is publishing one-shots to display their heroes being affected by the changes. ARIC, SON OF THE REVOLUTION #1 serves up a piping-hot alternate history of X-O MANOWAR in this world.

After crashing in Rome during his return to Earth, Aric is greeted by the full might of the Soviet military, who ultimately subdue him, brainwashing him into service for the motherland. When the denizens of the Deadside threaten the security of the state (caused by a regime having slaughtered tens of millions,) Aric is sent into action to defend the people.


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    John Enfield

    Sounds interesting. Is it like the Phillip K Dick novel The Man in the High Castle?

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      Timothy Connolly

      Good question. I suppose it is similar in some aspects, come to think of it.

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