Game of Thrones: Hand of the King–A G-rated Game?

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I let my eleven-year-old child play a Game of Thrones themed game. A game which was surprisingly G-rated and fast paced. Those are not usually adjectives associated with a Game of Throne franchise related item. I don’t even watch the show, but even I got into this game and it’s now on my to-get list. This is a tabletop card game published by Fantasy Flight.

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The object of Hand of the King is to pick up as many members of a house as possible, moving in one direction on a grid of cards. The person who has the most houses under their control when all the cards are gone is now the Hand of the King and has won. This makes for a surprisingly fast paced game as you try to keep others from collecting people of the houses, while collecting houses of your own. It also doesn’t require any knowledge of the show or books to play. In fact, it’s size makes it a great travel game where there may not be a lot of space, but there may be a number of players. The artwork is a departure from both the usual Fantasy Flight style and what’s usually associated with Game of Thrones games. In fact, the images are amusing and I’m really glad they went with this style as a refreshing change from a lot of the overly rendered digital paintings most tabletop games have these days.

This is a Game of Thrones game where no one dies and everyone’s favorite characters are all together for the entire time. How can fans not want to play that?

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    Christopher Bishop

    Sounds pretty interesting thanks for the review! I may have to pick it up.

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