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Easy Roller Dice: The Review

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Our playtest of the Easy Roller Dice Company‘s gaming accessories was a big success, at a recent old-school WG5 adventure module session at the Legendary Realms hobby shop, giving new meaning to the phrase “Shake, Rattle, and Roll.”

Gunmetal Dice
These compact, gorgeous, and heavy polyhedral dice appear to be 10% tighter than standard-sized polyhedral dice.  The edges are on the sharp side, so remember to handle with care. The density of these gunmetal dice bodes well for them remaining on your table when rolled, where they belong, as opposed to falling onto the floor (or careening into your pal’s bowl of Cheetos across the table.)  Whilst using their gunmetal dice with darker-colored numbers, we’ve seen that it can be somewhat of a challenge to read the numbers, so go for their gunmetal dice that have brighter-colored numbers, if you find that more to your liking.  The protective case is finely shaped, and well-made with rounded edges. The case doesn’t come with a clasp, to keep the case safely shut during transit, but a rubber band does the trick just fine (if need be.) These gunmetal beauties are a worthy addition to any gamer’s dice collection.

Reversible Dice Bag
Whether your preference is black-on-red, or red-on-black, you can have it both ways with this easy-on-the-eyes dice bag that’s as sturdy, thick, and roomy as a dice bag ought to be. Emblazoned with a wyvern, and constructed of microfiber, there’s a lot to love about this item. Highly recommended for those looking to transport more than a few sets of polyhedrals to their favorite tabletop rpg sessions. Whatever you do, don’t wear it on your head like a fez. You’ll be tempted to do so. We’ve seen it tried. Trust us when we say that it functions much better as a dice bag than it does as a fez.

Dice-Rolling Cup
This durable accessory came with a set of five pipped 6-siders; perfect for Yahtzee players on-the-go, and really just a nice touch for any board game or tabletop rpg situation.  Rattling noises of dice in this cup are muffled by the cup’s fabric interior (making the cup a joy to be around, as opposed to lesser dice cups that can sound like automatic firearms.)

Dice Tray
This dice tray is both a labor of love and a work of art, giving gamers all the thrills of dice-rolling, with none of the “sloppy dice” situations that we so often see at the gaming table (dice falling onto the floor, dice getting mixed with other players’ dice, and dice getting lost.) There’s a satisfactory soundproofing aspect to this dice tray too, which is most enjoyable when heavier dice are being rolled, but make no mistake, this dice tray can be enjoyed with any dice.

Gaming Mat
This double-sided vinyl gaming mat is a must-have for any tabeltop rpg session. Usable with wet-erase markers, there are hexes on one side, and square-inch gridspace on the other side. While not intended to replace 3D terrain altogether, this gaming mat is ideal for both “zoom-in” and “zoom-out” situations, whether the adventurers are above ground, below ground, at sea, in space, and any other place that your imagination transports you to.

Bulk Polyhedral Dice
This assortment of standard polyhedral dice comes in a handy dice-bag, containing many complete sets of long-lasting lightweight dice which are more roll-y than garden-variety Chessex dice, laser-cut Gamescience dice, or 3D-printed dice. You’ll harvest so many stellar dice sets, from just one bulk offering of these babies, you might not even know what to do with them all. Collect and keep them all, sure. That’s one idea, and a fine idea too. You might even get around to using all of them someday. Here’s another idea. Keep one or two dice sets for yourself, and gift the remaining dice sets to new players and/or younger players. Everyone wins when gaming and generosity collide. ‘Tis the season!

Easy Roller Dice

Easy Roller Dice

A visit to the Easy Roller Dice website during these winter holidays is highly recommended. See what they’ve got for your tabletop gaming sessions (while supplies last,) and let ’em know TSR Games sent ya.

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