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The All New Etsy Round-up

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The thing about Etsy, other than it being a dangerous place, is that it changes constantly, like the inventory in a used bookstore. So, I’ve once again been browsing what’s there in the way of tabletop game themed products. I’ve picked five more new items that really caught my eye while browsing. It’s actually difficult to limit myself to just five, but the list would be far too long to read otherwise. I’d also probably end up spending money the longer I worked on the list…


1. D12 Kanzashi Hair Clip

D12 hair clip

D12 Kanzashi hair clip from Flowers By Leah

Kanzashi refers to Japanese hair ornaments used for traditional Japanese hairstyles. In the West, it refers to the art of making the cloth flowers that are traditionally used. But, let’s not split hair clips. This is a wearable D12. I have often lamented the bias towards using D20s in crafts and here we have the D12, a welcome break from the usual and a great shape to go with this traditional cloth flower clip. The colors on this just pop out at you.

2. Portable Gaming Table

Portable Gaming Table

Portable Gaming Table by GameNightGeek

I really like the design and idea of this portable gaming table. Being able to play a game when all tables are occupied or when on vacation has a lot of appeal. The smaller size that can expand thanks to magnetic trays is a neat idea.

3. Kraken Dice Bag

Two Kraken Dice bags

Kraken Dice bag by MyFunkyCamelot

Okay, initially when I started picking out my favorite items, I decided that there wouldn’t be any dice bags this time. That was before I saw these Kraken bags. Cute and just the right amount of quirkiness.

4. Dice Ties

Four dice patterned ties

Dice Ties by BinaryWinter

Ties as a gift are rather cliche, but these amuse me, nonetheless. There are a few RPG ties available on Etsy, but this design was my favorite. Clean, featuring a full set of D&D dice and with a variety of colors set them apart from the other designs.

5. D20 Soaps

d20 dice soap

Gamer Dice Soap by Snowscutsoaps

Yes, we are back to the d20s. I’m okay with this. Mostly because I like the look of the gold numbers on these soap dice and the sharp angles. Most dice soap that I’ve seen have had a more rounded form and these look like you could actually use them in a game.


This seems like such an inadequate list from the number of new things I found. I may have to do them more than once every six months. Since this is November, it seems fitting that I do more than this one in the coming month for the Holidays. If you have a favorite Etsy item or maybe just an RPG gift item that you like, let us know about it!

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