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Level Up : Fabulous Wooden Dice Boxes by Elderwood Academy

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I am kicking myself for missing out on this Kickstarter! Amazing wood work here by Elderwood Academy. You can still order these Hex Chest dice boxes from their website!



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      Susan Silver

      They are gorgeous! I want the one that has a place for each die to store them instead of the open one. I’d put my favorite set in there 🙂

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        John Enfield

        I think the ones that are without holes would be best for plastic dice, but yeah, the ones with holes would be better for metal dice so they don’t rub together and scratch each other.

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    John Enfield

    They are really neat! Elderwood Academy sent us a Hex Chest Dice Box to review recently. I like the magnetic lid a lot. I wish the holes that the dice go in were a bit more shallow so the dice would be easier to get out, but otherwise these boxes are great! There’s also a version without the holes that holds more dice. Now, there’s a Remastered version with shallower dice holes thanks to them making the lid deeper and the bottom shallower. A review of the dice box we got will be up soon.

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