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LCARS UI is Highly Logical Captain

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I’ve heard and read about how much Jules Verne predicted future science with his novels. Reading them after the fact, gives that impression. The truth though, is that he inspired the march of science. It isn’t so much that he predicted a space launch from Florida as it is that the many scientists he inspired with his work launched from Florida because of what he’d written in the books. So it is the same with Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek. Star Trek has served to inspire many things we use today, the iPad from the “Padd”, the early 2000s’ Motorola Razr from the Tricorder and communicators. Really, all we are lacking is a transporter and replicators.

LCARS example

Screen capture image used under Fair Use. © Paramount and CBS Studios

It seems like the logical next step to have Majel Barrett, Trek actress in several of the series and voice of the Enterprise computers to be a part of our smartphones and tablets as hinted at in a tweet from the official Roddenberry account.

In fact, several times since touch screen devices have come out, someone invents an LCARS interface complete with Okudagrams. These have usually been restricted to Android based devices and is many cases have been shut down by CBS Studios who owns the license to Star Trek as they are discovered. Yet, more rise up to create them again.

The smart thing would be for CBS Studios to license the creation of such an interface. Not an actual Operating System, of course, that is beyond the scope of what could be done. Merely a cosmetic theme that could sit on top of the actual OS. Something that is often done for Unix and Linux systems.

In the meantime, I would welcome Majel as a voice for my computer, tablet and especially for any GPS.


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