Book Retort: Faith #1

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“Thanks for coming, Summer! Hope you had fun. It’s my first time DMing.” says Klara at the conclusion of a M&M (Mythos & Mayhem) tabletop RPG session on page 5, endearing herself to old-school tabletop RPGers everywhere. It’s rare that we see tabletop RPG so faithfully represented in graphic literature. We’re awarding a thousand bonus experience points to the writer Jody Houser for this.

Jody Houser (writer) together with Pere Perez (artist,) Marguerite Sauvage (artist,) Colleen Doran (artist,) Andrew Dalhouse (artist,) and Dave Sharpe (letterer) combine to grab the brass ring in this maiden voyage of the hotly-anticipated FAITH title. Much of the tale’s dialogue happens inside of Faith’s head, and this is quite a treat for the readers, because Faith’s thought bubbles are often full of helpful life advice (“you make a statement when you choose to call yourself a hero” and “sometimes even friends can let you down,”) along with more geeky pop-culture references than you can shake a hydro-spanner at (“hopefully tomorrow will be more of an Episode VII day” and “she must be possessed, or a cylon.”)

There can be no doubt that the FAITH title was lovingly created by geeks, for geeks.

Careful readers will see a panel atop on page 13 which somehow combines NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, THE MUPPETS, and STAR WARS in a pleasant unexpected way. This issue contains one pleasant surprise after another. You might find yourself wanting to re-read it again immediately, just to count all of the references. There’s even a fake Chris Evans character, for good measure (as Chris Chriswell, the tale’s antagonist, whose moral compass is so very, very broken.)

It’s oh-so-easy to root for this tale’s protagonist, because even though she is a superpowered psiot, Faith Herbert is also very, very human. The tale takes risks. The tale tugs at heartstrings. Brace yourself for one helluva cliffhanger ending too. Readers the world over will be rooting for this enchanting title to do very, very well.

Dialogue Dandy:  “It’s going to be so much fun destroying you.” — Chris Chriswell

Runner-up:  “The cake is a lie!” — Faith Herbert

Final score:  9/10


Faith 1


Faith 2

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