Book Retort: Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior #9

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“The axe is coming for you” growls Gilad Anni-Padda, the eternal warrior himself, several thousand years old, and in your face on the eye-popping teal-toned double-splash page 2 into 3, and you can bet your bottom platinum piece that Gilad’s axe will slake its thirst for blood before this issue is through.

Robert Venditti (writer) along with Raul Allen (artist) and Patricia Martin (artist) serve the reader a piping hot dish of danger here, in SHATTERED SCHEMES; Part 3 of the wildly entertaining LABYRINTH story arc.  It’s not often that we see an opening page that deftly sets the stage for what lurks ahead in the shadows of each page to follow. This issue of WOTEW does it with aplomb, and the reader even gets treated to the best spilling of a teacup in the history of spilled teacups. On page 1, no less. And who is this mysterious tea-sipping antagonist with the heterochromia condition anyway? He ought to know better than to push Gilad’s buttons, yes? Well… We’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?

Readers will see a memorable panel atop page 12, featuring a baker’s dozen of armed guards unleashing a hail of machine-gun fire in angular geometric precision. Not long after that, Gilad treats the reader to what is, in all likelihood, the manliest cauterizing of a bleeding-from-a-bullet-wound bicep ever seen. This issue is really as action-packed as it gets, folks. Buckle up for safety.  And, dig that wild variant cover art by Dean Haspiel (shown below.)

Dialogue Dandy:  “A maze and a pile of bleeding meat is the best you could muster.” — Gilad Anni-Padda

Runner-up:  “Six shots! He’s emp–” — Random mercenary, moments before catching a thrown pistol with his face

Final score:  9/10





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