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Book Retort: A&A – The Adventures Of Archer & Armstrong #4

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“Drink! Drink! Get naked! Booze up and riot!” exclaims Bacchus, the Roman god of agriculture and wine, on page 5 of this highly-entertaining romp; a page with more than 20 panels on it!

Rafer Roberts (writer) and David Lafuente (illustrator) join forces to belt another grand-slam here.  In Bacchus, they’ve given us an antagonist for the ages.  You’ll gasp with glee as Bacchus “goes shopping” at Liquor World.  You’ll be reaching for your galoshes when Archer long-jumps into Bacchus’ abdomen.  You’ll be ducking for cover when Armstrong orders ten thousand venti espressos at Star Butts.  You’ll chortle when Mary-Maria gives Bacchus what for on page 17.  Two words:  grape juice.  You’ll snarf when Mary-Maria tells Armstrong where she found the bottle of Lavagulin 1907.

Readers will catch a glimpse of Davey The Mackerel on the inside front cover.  Readers are treated to a department store Santa on the receiving end of a groin kick.  This issue even accomplishes the seemingly impossible for such a tale; by tugging at readers’ heartstrings on its final pages.  You’ll see more happening in these pages than you’ll see at a swap meet for kleptomaniacs.

Dialogue Dandy:  “Sorry for harshing your mellow, but you damn hippies all stink like patchouli and butt!” – Armstrong

Runner-up:  “Sister Bronson! Front and center! Four-knuckle apocalypse. Like we trained.” – Mary-Maria

Final score:  9/10

AA 4

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