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Review: Eleventh Doctor #2.10

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Written by Mar Redigolo
This new installment of Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor brings plenty of angst. First Rule is a reminder to the Doctor that sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. While Alice Obiefune, library assistant and the Doctor’s companion, steals the Master’s TARDIS with the objective of returning to the Time War to determine the Malignant’s origin, Dalek killer Abslom Daak and the Doctor struggle to help River Song and mysterious armor-clad warrior Squire back to health. Will any of these endeavors be successful? 
The characters bring famous Doctor Who expressions to life and recreate the feeling of the TV series through the words of writer Rob Williams, among beautiful art by Simon Fraser. The sense of urgency and frustration delivered in this issue mixes with excitement and eagerness; leaving the reading longing to know what the Doctor and his companions will face as the story unfolds. 
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