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Running the Game Video Series by Matthew Colville

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Matthew Colville is a writer for a video game company and a long time DM for D&D.

He has been recording a YouTube series for the past several weeks on a basic how to of running the game. I find it interesting to see his take on how he does things. For someone considering running a game, this is very helpful.

Matthew is a very animated speaker and has a way of presenting his ideas in an entertaining and accessible way.

He suggests how to create characters, create a starting town, first adventure, etc. D&D 5th Edition is favored, but most of what he mentions applies to any role playing game. He mentions tools, programs, and shares stories of his successes and failures as a DM. His goal is to teach others how to run their own game, in response to so many asking him to run a game for them.

Matthew was recently interviewed on episode 101 of the Game Master’s Journey podcast.

If you or someone you know is thinking about running a game, check out this series.

I look forward to the next video in the series.

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