April and the Extraordinary World

April and the Extraordinary World

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Of course, the English debut of the French animated movie April and the Extraordinary World would be this month. Brought to life by the same creators responsible for Persepolis and graphic novelist Jacques Tardi, comes a steampunk story set in the 1930s centered around the titular character of April along with her talking cat Darwin. The English dub version features the voices of Paul Giamatti, Tony Hale, Susan Sarandon, J.K. Simmons and Marion Cotillard, however, the dub is only being shown at select screenings of an already limited release. The French version will be shown with subtitles.

The influence of Japan’s Hayao Miyazaki can be clearly seen in scene composition and tone. However, it’s a very limited release, only playing at theaters for a week. A list of theaters and showtimes can be found on the official website.

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