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Level up : 7 DIY Projects for Crafty GMs

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One thing which I find delightful is the overlap between the RPG and Make communities. I enjoy geeky crafts and discovered the items on this list while searching for unique things. This list only covers a small sample of DIY projects for those who like making their own gaming accessories.

1. Magnetic Dungeon

© Mike Schmidt via the Swords of Legend Blog.

© Mike Schmidt via the Swords of Legend Blog.

This magnetic dungeon by Mike Schmidt is a big hit. This detailed tutorial explains how Mike converted a piece of sheet metal and some tiles into a modular dungeon which he could rearrange. One use is creating a vertical dungeon crawl for players!

2. Crystal Shards

This tutorial will add some atmosphere to your game. These crystal shards are simple to create and are made from hardened Fimo clay. Below, a crystal golem lurks among the shards.

© Ben and Sarah of Tales of 13th Age Blog

© Ben and Sarah of Tales of 13th Age Blog

3. Paper Miniatures

Is there a monster or piece of terrain that you need for a game? This website most likely has what you are looking for. The archive contains 5 years of Eddnic’s paper models. Just print out the pattern and glue the tabs together.

4. Dice Tower

I love the comments on this template with custom creations. One of the simplest patterns around for making a dice tower from foam board.

By whamodyne Via Instructables

By whamodyne Via Instructables CC BY NC SA

5. Felt Polyhedral Dice

These felt dice are the perfect decor for a game room. I’m sure that you may find more than a few uses for these patterns. Looking forward to sewing my own set.

© Slairs Lair

© Slairs Lair

For items six and seven, we are doubling down on gaming tables!

6. DIY gaming tabletop by kgdcraftermath

© 2016 Please Excuse My Craftermath

© 2016 Please Excuse My Craftermath CC BY NC

Kristy takes you step by step through the creation of her own gaming table. This project is based on an IKEA table and has a velvet top.

7. Decoupage Gaming Table

No modules were hurt in the making of this decoupage gaming table. The ID DM used high-resolution images printed from the internet. A neat weekend project for transforming a piece of furniture into an item suitable for display in your gaming room.

Which of these projects caught your eye?

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