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Write Gallifreyan Like a Time Lord

Those complex circles that look like a map of time aren’t just pretty decor. Gallifreyan, is the written language of Time Lords and now thanks to Loren Sherman of Sherman’s Planet, we all can write like we have two hearts. An effort that began with Who fans was tweaked and modified by Loren in order to make it into a usable language…if you have the time.

May the Force be with you

May the Force be with you. Because you don’t have to be limited to one fandom

Loren has even provided a guide to doing math in Gallifreyan, if you feel up to trying it. So far, I’ve only managed my name and a few phrases. The website does helpfully have a translator program if you want to write something very complicated or are blogging about writing Gallifreyan and want to irritate multiple fandoms in one go.

I recommend trying it by hand at least once. A set of circle templates, a compass and ruler would be a good idea. Drawing it out in pencil, making use of the eraser for incomplete circles and then going over it in pen seems to be the best method. Gold and silver Sharpies give it that Time Lord look.


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    John Enfield

    Fascinating! I suspected that those designs were supposed to be symbolic somehow, but hadn’t read anything that attempted to make them into a language before.

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