JAXA Hitomi satellite disaster

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The world watched with excitement as Japan successfully launched its Hitomi satellite in February. Priced at more than a quarter of a billion dollars, the Hitomi satellite was designed to eavesdrop on black holes, exploding stars, and massive galaxies. What would eventually happen would go on to cast a long shadow over Japan’s space program. Formed in 2003, JAXA was poised to become a real powerhouse in the field of deep space exploration with the Hitomi satellite. It’s a long shot now, but there may still be a chance for it to be repaired. One can only imagine what sorts of data it can provide us with, if given the chance to perform its functions properly. The stage is set for an incredible repair mission, which could go down in history as the greatest space repair mission since Pete Conrad repaired Skylab in the 1970s.  All eyes are on Japan, to see what they’ll do next. The word “Hitomi,” when translated from Japanese into English, means the “pupil of the eyes” or “the beautiful gaze.”

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