Analog Games in Pop Culture: GaymerX is a Fun Weekend Escape

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GyamerX is a convention which celebrates queer gaming with a focus on diversity. Previous sponsors include Intel, Harmonix, Blizzard, and Trion Games.

The convention is heavily weighted towards video games. There were several rooms allocated to tabletop RPGs and a robust lending library of board games. One highlight was the panel which focused on queer issues in analog games.

Queer as a 3 Sided Die Panel

Employees at Green Ronin Publishing

Donna Prior and Joe Carriker of Green Ronin Publishing.

The panelists were Steve Kenson, Joe Carriker, and Donna Prior of Green Ronin. Jeremy Crawford, a co-lead designer of 5th edition D&D, was also there. The discussion centered around how to make tabletop gaming more inclusive.

The panel consisted of anecdotes from the panelists of their personal experiences of tabletop gaming. Including the aspects which make it difficult for those who identify as queer. The last half of the panel consisted of questions taken from the audience.

Key Takeaways From the Panel

  • We need more LGTBQ employees who have influence over what gets published.
  • We need to acknowledge characters who identify as LGBTQ in story rather than implying.
  • That there are people high up at these companies committed to publishing games featuring LGBTQ Heroes and Villains.

Tickets for GaymerX 4 are on sale now.

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