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Top 5 Cool Etsy RPG Items

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Etsy has a large number of very creative people on it. Some people though, really go above and beyond, creating some of the coolest, interesting RPG related items around. Here are the top five I wish I had money for, in no particular order.

1. Original Bag of Many Dice

I can actually afford this one! This would make finding the dice I need so much easier. They’re pretty appealingly made and while, I do like the blue featured in the photo, it comes in a good variety of colors.

2. Crochet Dragon Hat

This one comes in adult sizes and is just too cute. The way the dragon is so resigned to lounging on your head, probably watching you play. Judging your dice rolls and stats. It also has the bonus of being genuinely warm for practical use.

3. Hardwood DM Screen

This one is more of a someday, wishlist item. Something I could keep out around the house and it would just look pretty and decorative in addition to just being a pretty screen. Everything about this is just lovely.

4. Cleric Inspired Perfume

To be honest, perfume usually bothers my allergies. It’s the combination of eucalyptus in this one, plus the always neglected cleric class that appeals to me. A perfume that doesn’t overwhelm others and might actually help me breath when my hayfever kicks in? I’d try it.

5. Gaming Book Bag

This is just gorgeous. I do book binding and know the work that goes into working with leather. I’d use this for more than just RPG games.

I limited myself to just five items, but the number of other items that I didn’t put on the list is legion. I may revisit this again with five more, because the number of creative RPG crafters out there is mind-boggling.

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    Timothy Connolly

    I sure hope that my original 1979 Trampier DM Screen doesn’t see me buying item #3. It would be soooo jealous.

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