Osprey Games’ London Second Edition

Guestwriter: Michael Romano
Designer: Martin Wallace
Artist: Mike Atkinson, Natalia Borek, Przemysław Sobiecki
Publisher: Osprey Games
+ 3 more players

If you knew nothing about the original London and saw this on the shelf at your FLGS you may just walk past it, and that would be a crime. London (second ed) is a fabulous game. Let me say that again; London (second ed) is a

Having played the original only a handful of times when it first came out I was well aware of the potential in that game, though I honestly did not like the production of it at all. The second edition of Martin Wallace’s game has done an incredible job of cleaning up game play and the production quality has gone through the roof.

Box and game pieces of London © Osprety Games

Box and game pieces of London © Osprey Games

The replacement of the map with the Borough Cards in and of itself has done wonders. The card stock and the discard board are also a refreshing addition.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game London is a strategic game of hand management, drafting, and variable power game of rebuilding London in the years after the great fire.

The game comprises a very interesting mechanic in playing cards to your develop your city and then taking an action to “Run” your city to activate various abilities on the different cards in your city display. All the while hoping to earn the least amount of poverty. (A result that is inevitable)

This is one of those few games I can honestly say I can find nothing wrong with. I highly recommend it for any ones game collection.

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