Analog: A tale that could be either entertainment or a warning for the future!

Analog Pdf supplied by Image Comics for review

Analog is written by Duggan; Artwork by O’Sullivan; Color by Bellaire & Spicer; Lettering by Sabino


Image comics has definitely established itself as the independent company that is unabashedly capable of covering controversial adult material. While the term “adult” can mean a lot of things, (one could argue in some cases its definition use is questionable at best) in this case it is for hard-edged material in concept. Analog carefully finds a way to seem close to our own world, yet far enough in the future to almost serve as a warning. I dislike giving out spoilers in reviews, aside from setting the premise of the product and giving a few peeks at the artwork in panels. This is a book worth reading, especially if you are a fan of dystopian fiction, shows such as Bladerunner or Altered Carbon. While this feels far more connected to our time, it hints at a future yet to be.

Panel © Image Comics 2018

The year is 2024

The cloud has quite literally come crashing to the earth, and all of our sins are laid bare. Jack Mcginnis is a courier for information that must remain sensitive. In this high tech age where information can move in the blink of an eye across the world, the most sensitive documents have to travel by a different method.  This is no simple transport, however, as these information brokers must trade in death almost as much as messages.

With today’s emphasis on hacks, internet terrorism and espionage, this title feels right at home. In the United States, 22.41 million records have been exposed in 2018 thus far. Do not despair though, this is much better than the 178.96 million of 2017. Analog feels more like a peek into our future reality than a fictional presentation. The action is intense, the sarcastic one-liners perfectly timed, and the writing flows well. In short, Analog would make a great movie!

Panel © Image Comics 2018

The Art Style

Analog has decent art. While not jaw-dropping, it conveys the action very well. In a book such as Analog where the real story is in the line delivery and the dialogue, the art does what it is supposed to. Paint the details the mind’s eye cannot.  Action scenes are believable, but what the artist does best is convey dialogue through facial expressions. Mcginnis has a craggy beaten face, reminiscent of a Die Hard, or Transporter movie hero. Characters that are supposed to look like grizzled leather, do just that.

The color work is very nice within the book. The use of tone to convey grittiness and lighting to project emotions is great! The background art is also great in conveying both the chaos and disconnect of people at this time.

In closing

Analog is fun to read. While it does have mild political undertones, none of these is front in center in the story. Instead, the author gives us a story with a warning we all need to hear. The internet is a tool and any tool that is not used safely can be dangerous.

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