The Wicked + The Divine: 1373

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Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Ryan Kelly

This article was made possible through the gift of a review copy.

Once again, we return with a stand-alone The Wicked + The Divine. That we can have the main arc interrupted for these one-offs that really only give us more questions than really explain anything and still keep our attention is a testament to just how compelling this series is. 1373 is no exception and is probably the most intriguing of all the single story issues so far. Of course, whatever the last historical special WicDiv issue I’ve read could claim the same title.

The Wicked + The Divine 1373 cover

Cover A of The Wicked +The Divine 1373 © Image Comics 2018

This time we’re taken to the Dark Ages, the world recovering from the Black Death. Lucifer, who never fails to be fascinating no matter the Recurrence, is the focus of this issue. This Luci is a very different Luci from the various incarnations we’ve been introduced to before and she doesn’t disappoint.

Lucifer has overstayed the two year deadline, yet hasn’t gone mad, an interesting development considering the revelations in issue #39. She intriguingly has shorn horns peaking out from under her nun’s habit and red eyes, making her the most devilish looking of all the Lucifers we’ve seen. Yet, that is exactly what this Lucifer is not. She is called to a small plague-ridden village, finding Ananke confined to a bed. Ananke surprisingly gives the readers some directly stated information that we’d sort of inferred as she talks to Lucifer and we see how this Lucifer came to be.

However, if you think that this is the issue that’s going to make everything clearer, you’d be wrong. It does do a very good job in being a stop gap to the final main arc while satisfying the curiosity of what the other Recurrences were like. This issue shows the most relevant part of this particular Recurrence, yet I wish for more. Thus, the magic of WicDiv. We are given the best crumbs of a larger cake that only makes us pine more for the cake or at the very least more crumbs. Wicked indeed. 1373 also serves to increase the anticipation for the release of issue #40.

Ryan Kelly’s art is fitting for 1373 storyline very well. The coloring as usual is flawless for whatever the moment requires of it.

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