Book Retort of Patience! Conviction! Revenge!

Guestwriter: John Enfield

Writer: Patrick Kindlon
Aritst: Marco Ferrari


Patience! Conviction! Revenge!

A post-apocalyptic story worth telling.

Post-apocalyptic stories aren’t exactly rare; they’re one of the main sub-genres of science fiction.  Neither are satires nor homages to spaghetti western movies.  But, put all three together and you do have a rare gem: this comic book.  It’s as if Patrick Kindlon and Marco Ferrari took what we love most from stuff like Mad Max, Fallout New Vegas, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Fistful of Dollars, etc. distilled it down, remixed it and created a brand new satire.  One that its own protagonist, Renny, would like based on the conversation he has with his sidekick Robot Paul as ‘Patience! Conviction! Revenge!’ begins.

Cover art for issue 1 of Patience! Conviction! Revenge! © Aftershock Comics

Cover art for issue 1 of Patience! Conviction! Revenge! © Aftershock Comics

Artist Marco Ferrari and colorist Patrizia Comino must’ve loved the 1967 movie posters for ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ because the color pallet and art style of this comic strongly evokes them on almost every page. Marco’s pen drawings are just detailed and refined enough that you can tell what everything is supposed to be, yet still retain the energy and emotion of a rough sketch.  It’s a fitting style for this rough and tumble story.  Patrizia’s color pallet is limited to complimentary colors of certain hues.  It seems that the whole book is going to be various hues and shades of reds and oranges, but just when it’s starting to get as monotonous as trudging across an arid desert for days would be, the pallet smartly shifts to that of blues and greens when we get out of the hot, open desert into a cave and later, into the city buildings of future Las Vegas.

Marco’s writing is equally impressive. Once you get past the rather strong language, the brilliantly satirical dialog comes to the fore. This is where PCR begins to be reminiscent of Douglas Adam’s work, especially the dialog of Robot Paul, who is a kindred spirit to ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’s’ Marvin, only less depressed and more sarcastic like ‘Rogue One’s K2SO.  Renny’s conversations with Robot Paul, people he meets along the way to Las Vegas and, to some degree, himself are the highlight of the story.  Much of the humor and morals (so to speak) of the book are in there. Especially good is his recounting of his past to the cult-like group of ‘The Free People of the Mojave’.  The way the illustrations of his story contradicts what he tells the group is quite funny.

With its very salty language (many of the words from the FCC list of things you can’t say on the radio are in here), nudity, violence and mentions of cannibalism, ‘Patience! Conviction! Revenge!’ or PCR, is not a comic book for kids. The sexual content and violence is tame compared to ‘Bladerunner 2049’ but this certainly isn’t a book that belongs next to My Little Pony in a kids’ comic book collection.  Its intended audience, looking for a story that doesn’t suffer from what Renny calls having ‘every drop of raw human experience sucked out of it’ will love PCR.  Many books have enigmatic titles, but this one is as straightforward as Renny. It really is all about having patience and conviction and getting revenge.





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