Book Retort: Merkabah Rider High Planes Drifter

Merkabah Rider: High Planes Drifter

Written by: Edward M. Erdelac

This review was done using a pdf graciously provided by the author

I have always been a fan of the spaghetti western genre of movies. My father got me into watching them as a kid and the experience indelibly left its mark on me. As a young man, I found this love of the west shared among many of my Air Force brothers and sisters. Later, I became aware of the Jewish faith, having grown up in the bible belt. I will admit to always being very interested in Judaism, specifically the myths and legends built within the religion tied to Jewish Mysticism of golems, Kaballah etc. While I would never claim to have even as working knowledge of such things, it still is something that has always intrigued me. Merkabah Rider fuses western and Judaism firmly together in a tour de force of epic proportions.

Merkabah Rider is series of four novellas and one short story that embodies visceral action with mysticism and gunslinging to great effect. All this is done in a style evocative of Robert E Howard meets Max Brand action that leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat page after page. In short, I would love to see this turned into a netflix series or even movies. Its just that good that it deserves to be in different mediums just to get more of a fan base! What is even better is the fact that all these stories are part of a larger story arc that has the rider hunting a vicious ex-member of his order that seeks nothing less than the destruction of all that is sacred.

The Blood Libel

Our first glimpse of the Hasidic Gunslinger pits him against both the ignorance of a small town and machinations of a sinister cult. Can the Rider tell friend from foe in time to save the small sect of followers within the small town. Especially before the locals decide to lynch the whole lot of them out of ignorance.

The Dust Devils

The rider seeks shelter from a horrid dust storm in the border town of Polvo Arrido. His hunt for Adon continuing, he finds himself drawn deeper still into the sorrows of the town’s residents whom are being terrorized by local bandits. Can the rider put aside his quest in order to help out the less fortunate and free this town from tyranny? In many ways this story reminded me of the movie Fistful of Dollars.

Hell’s Hired Gun

The rider finds a small chapel and village filled with nothing but death. The only survivor a battered and bloodied Franciscan monk who recants a tale of a man who in losing his family lost himself. The last words to cryptically call out the name of the town Gadara. As the rider puts the pieces of this bloody mystery together we even he have the strength to confront something that kills not for pleasure or pain but simply for the sake of doing so.

The Nightjar Women

The town of Tip Top stands empty of the laughter of children. Known for its loose ladies of the night, the rider finds himself drawn to seek comforts he would normally deny himself. But when the very town is run by a much more ancient evil, can the rider find a way to escape from its grip before it is too late?

The Shomer Express

The final short story has the Rider taking a train and coming to the aid of a fellow Jewish traveler transporting his parents bodies for final rest. However, something has other plans and corpses are defiled and ravaged. Can the Rider figure out what is feasting upon the dead?

Closing thoughts

The Merkabah Rider: High Planes Drifter was a dark, moody action packed trip into the weird west. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and fully intend to find more in the series. I highly recommend it to anyone that likes Lovecraft, Howard or heck even just westerns period. You will not be disappointed. The author’s writing style is very evocative of dime store novels, giving just enough flowery verbiage to paint the picture without bogging down the action. So pick up a copy today!

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  1. John Enfield
    John Enfield

    Sounds interesting. I get the impression that the Jewishness of the main character is pertinent to the story and has meaning beyond being a gimmick. I certainly hope so. Also, is the art style of the cover indicative of the rest of the book, or does the book have a different style within? I’ve seen many a comic that tempted me to lift it from the shelf with great art on the cover, only to let me down on the inside.

    1. Christopher Bishop
      Christopher Bishop

      It is certainly not a gimmick, the book is firmly rooted in legend and myth from the Jewish Faith. As far as the art, the PDF I read for review had a handful of artwork in black and grey, all of the same quality as the cover. As this is not a graphic novel or comic, I was honestly expecting zero art. All in all the book is just a fun read, and certainly gives some great cannon fodder for GM’s to use regarding planar travel.

      1. John Enfield
        John Enfield

        Oh, I see. Somehow I missed the part in there where you said it was a collection of novellas. Still, glad that there are good quality illustrations within. I’m especially glad that the Jewish aspect of the Drifter isn’t a gimmick as is too often the case. I may check this book out then. Thank you for clarifying.

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