Book Retort: Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions

Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions

Delta Green is the refinement of a great idea. The idea of the Cthulhu Mythos extending into the modern day. About a year or two after the OGL released we began seeing small trickles of modern day settings, often with a horror or supernatural bent. Of course, Cthulhu was a natural fit for this idea, and it did not take very long before folks were clamoring for more and more. What was missing though was strong literature backing to support this franchise. Fans of Lovecraft are among the more literate of folks, and voraciously devour anything that comes out in that format, provided it does stick true to the mindset of Cthulhu.

This Anthology gathers together 18 different stories from various authors taking place after the raid on Innsmouth occurs. I believe the basis of this comes from the Call of Cthulhu module Escape from Innsmouth as well as the original story Shadow over Innsmouth. I have reviewed the module previously on Multiverse. You can find that review here if you are curious. With this as our starting point, the stories in the anthology proceed.

The Color of Dust by Laurel Halbany

Sent to the Dust Bowl, Marion Prentiss is to document a revitalization program led by Dr. Leflore. She stumbles upon far more than she bargains for though when the program reveals its creator and his intentions to be anything but pure. Can she discover the truth and still make it out alive?

Paperclip by Kenneth Hite

Kenneth Hite the author behind Nazi Occult and other Fictional Alt-History offerings takes us on a tale of the early CIA, and their investigations into an agent of the Nazi’s occult bureau. Can an American Agent recover sensitive information before the Russians or other agencies get to the asset first? This short story is rife with acronyms and historical facts, slightly altered just enough to fit the story well while still making the reader question, “Was what I just read real?”.

A spider with barbed-wire legs by Davide Mana

The start of the cold war did not stop multiple agencies from attempting to track down Nazi items and stolen artifacts. Artifacts so terrifying as to cause a string of death to follow in their wake. Can Agents of Delta Green find the infamous Kruger before more death and chaos is visited upon the innocent?

Le Pain Maudit by Jeff C Carter

Mix in something a little worse than LSD, throw in experimentation upon unsuspecting citizens, toss in goats for good measure and insanity is almost a guarantee!

Cracks in the Door by Jason Mical

The long-reaching effects of trauma from Innsmouth stretch far beyond just the initial experience. Especially when those experiences insidiously pull us on a path from sanity and we do not even know it is occurring. All manner of debauchery can be done by the divided mind.

Ganzfield Gate by Cody Goodfellow

The mid to late 1960’s was a turbulent time of change. Especially when one works for a clandestine top-secret program that is so secret even its own agents don’t know they are part of it. What is the price of holding elder secrets and haphazardly experimenting with them? Especially when your experiments turn man back into primal beasts tainted by something far older still.

Utopia by David Farnell

Henry Nakata is forced from his comfortable life back into the field in Japan to figure out what lost and forgotten tools of war may remain. Specifically bombs capable of causing mass insanity and delusions of the old ones. What if the latest weapon by the mastermind of the first instills ultimate Zen?

The Perplexing Demise of Stooge Wilson

A bungled drug bust is more than it seems. Especially when the only surviving lead is a person of interest to the agents of Delta Green.  What does fighting the old ones look like to the world at large? More importantly, what does it look like inside the tattered remnants of the mind left behind?

Dark by Daniel Harms

Even when you think yours out of Delta Green, your not! Are old reflexes enough to combat the eldritch evils, especially when the fate of humanity seems all but certain? Sometimes the past and present are not as far apart as one might think.

Morning in America by James Lowder

Antonio Chapin is a simple guy with a not so simple ability to see the darkest truths folks hide. Can this introspection to save him though, in the heat of 1980’s America, government shutdowns sinister FBI Agents and White Supremacist plots tied to elder evil.

The Mirror Maze by Dennis Detwiller

Is the author the creator of the story or the participant? How thin is the veil between insanity and clarity and is death the only solution to the fevered imagination?

A Question of Memory by Greg Stolze

Two agents interrogate a subject of interest. In the modern day, Delta Green is far more capable and the tactics they use to confront evil may be questionable to some. But what if even the most irksome methods are not enough to get the answers you need?

Pluperfect by Ray Winninger

Delta Green Agents attempt to track a man who seemingly vanishes and evades their every method. How can a simple school teacher with no criminal past be one of the most perplexing targets the agency has to face?

Friendly Advice by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan

When bodies appear in mutilated unrecognizable states can the local police figure it out? When the only person you can turn to for advice might be your suspect where does that leave you? Especially when dealing with something beyond normal reckoning.

Passing the Torch by Adam Scott Giancy

Delta Green agent William Weeks thought he was retired. But there is no retirement from the madness encounters with the eldritch evil cause. Worse yet Delta Green rarely lets go of an asset. You’re in or you’re dead! Out of all the stories in this book this one truly stood out to me. I want to see this short story made into a film. The author has a good grasp of cinematic action and how to convey it so the mind can see it.

Boxes Inside Boxes by Dennis Detwiller

One man’s Trash is another man’s treasure, that is until that trash becomes some more. Sometimes evil does not truly die, and curiosity can be all it needs to rise once again.

The Lucky Ones by John Scott Tynes

How do you retire when your very existence is challenged by the supernatural horrors you face? When even the peace and solitude of an idyllic lifestyle and home is not enough to insulate you from your past. Agent Jill Sanders faces this very dilemma.

Syndemic by Shane Ivey

Being an Agent of Delta Green understandibly could make home life hard. But what happens when an Agent so numb to his own supernatural dealings brings something home he shouldn’t. What happens when everything falls apart?

Closing Thoughts

This collection of stories was very entertaining to read. I always find it interesting how different people see the Cthulhu Mythos. This book is especially interesting as it uses different time periods as backdrops for the stories. Each story advancing time and showing how Delta Green morphed with the times to be even more secretive. If you are a fan of Cthulhu Mythos Stories and clandestine government conspiracies this book delivers! I will caution however this is definitely adult material so be advised before letting your young ones get a hold of it! You can pick up Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions here!

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