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Easy Podcasting Leads to Boom in OSR Related Podcasts

In the last few months, and especially in the last few weeks, there has been a boom of new OSR centric podcasts rising up thanks to the website and phone app Anchor. [Full Disclosure: I too have a podcast via Anchor, Follow Me, And Die!]

Why the Boom?

Anchor is very easy to use, either via their website or the app. The app is available for both Android and iPhone. There are a lot of differences between the website and the app. Most notably the website doesn’t have a search feature to help you find the podcasts you know are out there. Also the app allows you to applaud episodes, and leave messages. Anchor will syndicate your podcast automatically to the most popular podcasting services so users can listen to your podcast without a new app.

The rapid fire nature of episodes and audience interaction is much like the early days of the OSR where people shared on their blog or on G+ and others commented on it. A theme often emerges that many will give their take on. There are new people who have jumped in to use Anchor who aren’t bloggers or RPG content producers. Some post every day, others post a few times a week, once a week, and others infrequently. Most give their obligatory, “My start in RPGs” episode.

The technology bar is low. The app is as easy to use as your phone. Some record and edit the audio on their computers using the free Audacity and then upload to Anchor. One podcaster, Shane Ward, of the Three Toadstools blog and the podcast Gilligan’s Isle of ADD, is an audio engineer by trade, and occasionally records his episodes in the studio. Some record on their commute home, or daily driving for work. Others record on their lunch hour, or the wee hours when they have quiet.

Solving The Search Quandry

+Chuck Thorin at They Might Be Gazebos put together a page on his blog of all the OSR Anchorites. He updates it as new podcasts come to his attention. Chuck is also a regular podcaster.

+Jason Hobbs of the Hobbs & Friends of the OSR Ennie Nominated podcast also has an Anchor podcast, Random Screed. He started a G+ Comunity to connect the OSR Anchorites.

Glut of Information

The one problem with the OSR is the glut of information when creatives start sharing. If you have a commute and are looking for new podcasts to fill your drive time, give them a try. You can get ideas for maps, adventure design, campaign building, hints and tips for running games, news, and learn about new products. If you like the ideals of the OSR and want to get a fresh perspective, give it a listen.

International Scope, Male Centric

There are at least three Anchor podcasters are in England, and so far, the rest are in North America. One or two in Canada, and the rest in the U.S.A. Some podcasters are single individuals, and others have two or more participate in occasional group discussions, or have others do a podcast.

While the majority are male, Hannah, the wife of John Large of Red Dice Diaries had had his wife, , gave a review of The Midderlands,the 2018 Gold Ennie winner, and another on her take on how she evaluates a new RPG book. Hannah used to work in a game store, so she’s not just some guys wife/girlfriend giving a limited view.

A woman’s perspective, and the perspective of those with a more culturally diverse background is always a good thing. As one of the OSR podcasters on Anchor, I welcome anyone who wants to play games and have fun. New ideas and perspectives help me be a better GM and also help me be a better player.

It is good to question the way we do things, and evaluate how we might do it better. Take a listen and you may find some information you were looking for, or didn’t know you needed. You might also get bitten by the bug and start your own podcast.

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